Our Experiences and Capabilities

Our Experiences and Capabilities

Providing consultancy to Turkey's leading 100 industrial companies and customizing all our great experience gained in the face of events from such companies, we are able to offer strategic approach and solutions to our customers.




We provide consultancy to our clients in all legal and technical matters relating to patents. Our national and international experience enable us to serve them on the strategic planning of patents and patent portfolios.

ProIP Patent attorneys and engineers use all their technical knowledge and experience being obtained from automotive, defence, medical, machine, white goods, telecommunication, software, information technologies, textile, banking and energy sectors to understand the needs of their customers.



ProIP Patent provides support and serve to clients for trademark matters and assists the trademark owners to protect and manage their brands. Our specialized attorneys provide advice in all matters relating to trademark from filing up to enforcement as well as in opposition, cancellation and infringement proceedings.

Trademark services mainly involve prior similarity/registrability search, filing, and prosecution, oppositions, appeals, enforcement and litigation services.


Industrial Design

The design of a product is important to get remembered and successful marketing. Companies that care the principle that they are as strong as they invest in intellectual property are also interested in design. Design law protects the individual configuration of products from imitation. Our attorneys provide service in all matters of law relating to designs.



EP Validation

European patents are granted by the European Patent Office (EPO). After the grant of European patent, they must be validated in the EPC countries. As a result, a granted European Patent is required to be validated in order to get validity in Turkey. With their highly qualidied translators, ProIP Patent team provide support  to the clients for EP validation process in Turkey.


National Entry

Turkey is a member of EPC and PCT and accepts validity of patents via both routes. After a PCT application, it is possible that this application can be prosecuted to the Turkish Patent Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) for national entry. In other words, applications received via this route are treated as national patent applications. TURKPATENT, in this case, skips the search step and starts from examination step for such applications. National entry services involve filing, examination, grant, renewal, appeal services.



IP Translation

One of the most important aspects of protecting intellectual property is an accurate translation.

ProIP Patent provides high-quality translation services to clients. Patents are translated by technically qualified translators for specific technical fields.


What makes us different?

In order to achieve true success, we operate under basic principles. These principles such as Accountability, Diversity, Providing Value, Strategic Perspective, Partnership, Our Clients Come First, Pulling Out All the Stops are reflected to our clients in any time.