Industry Detail


Turkey's production TürkTraktör of the leading industrial career began in 1954 and rising charts over the years, including that of America reached the point today where so far more than 130 makes the country has been one of the most important institutions of our exports to the country. The corporate structuring of TürkTraktör, the first manufacturer of the Turkish automotive industry, is the partnership of Koç Holding, another expression of trust in our country, and CNH Industrial, one of the world's largest tractor and agricultural equipment manufacturers.


TürkTraktör offered to the world market and the foreign partner CNH Industrial channel with Turkey's pride that performs all its export to the world of Turkish tractor of design in Turkey is carried out by Turkish engineers, and still are produced in our country almost all of the parts used in production. Modern agriculture TürkTraktör With the vision of moving in the direction that the company is Turkey's largest manufacturer.

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