European Patent Validation EP in Turkey

European Patent Validation EP in Turkey

EP Validation

European Patent (EP) is an application that facilitates companies in patent processes as a result of the agreement between European countries. As a result of this application, European Patent owners can easily make patent transactions in the countries where the agreement is valid.

European Patent holders must "EP Validation" with Turkish documents for valid their patents in Turkey (EPC Article 65). The applicants must apply to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in Turkish. The reason for this, Turkey is not yet a process that has been set to confirm the signing of the London Agreement and agreements related to the translation. As a result of the above, an application must be made in Turkish for each patent.

The adequacy of EP (European Patent) Validation in Turkey

In Turkey, a European Patent Validation from the time needed to decide the concession of three (3) months and cannot be changed. Turkish Patent and Trademark Agency, validation of the European patent application is made at the time of the request on condition that made it possible to pay a fine of translation is then filed.

The Importance of Turkish Translation in European Patent Validation

Your European patent in the territory of Turkey to validate, why you need to prepare text which is prepared in Turkish information is given above. It will be protected by patent in the territory of Turkey approved your Turkish European patent document. Therefore, if your document Turkish technical errors, misinformation about the parts you may not be fully protected if the patent in the territory of Turkey. ProIp patent experienced and specialized translation team by taking the European patent in the relevant field in your fully protect the borders of Turkey, which eliminates problems you may experience because of faulty patent translation.

European Patent Validation Process

When the European Patent's validation is requested, this request will be evaluated within an average of one month and after evaluation, the Turkish version of the patent, the European patent document, and the European Patent document will come into effect after it is published in the patent bulletin. The European Patent certificate is delivered electronically immediately after the documents are published in the bulletin.

European Patent Validation and Penalty Fees

We have stated in our article that the translation of the Patent Document will not be delivered on time and then documented by paying the penalty fee. The official fee for this penalty is 1250 TL. (For 2020)

In cases where the validation process proceeds smoothly, the official fee to be paid for validation; European Patent Fascicle Extension Fee is 2210 TL. (For 2020)

These fees must be paid to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.


Payments After Validation

As is known, all patents have annual renewal fees. These fees are paid to the Official Patent Offices of the countries. In the same figure these fees must be paid for and published European patent valid in Turkey. In short, European Patents are subject to the annual registration fee. You can find these fees in our article below:

Offical Fees


European Patent Validation and ProIP Patent

ProIp covered by Patent EP customers professional translation and the original patent file for the application is working to ensure the full protection within Turkey's borders. ProIP Patent, having more than thirteen years of experience, makes patent translation procedures and necessary applications with the professional translation team as soon as possible for European Patent Validation procedures.


In this paper, the European Patent (EP) importance, from the European Patent Convention (EPC), the European Patent fascicles of the publication in Turkey to be paid and is mentioned European patent publication fee. In addition, the importance of the patent translation and the professional preparation of these translations by ProIP Patent & Trademark Consultancy were mentioned.