What is the definition of Patent Attorney and what patent attorneys do?

What is the definition of Patent Attorney and what patent attorneys do?

Patents are a legal practice for the protection of an invention, that is, the document of an intellectual property within the borders of the state, ensuring the protection of intellectual property. Patenting procedures and patenting time can be different for each country. The patent is the most important document that a company can use to reduce competition and prevent from fake products in its commercial activities. Companies can easily carry out the commercial activities of their patented inventions within the borders of the countries where the patent is valid. In addition, the patent holder is entitled to prevent the trade of copy products.

Patent documents provide a number of advantages for the company in the trade of the invention. Patent attorneys prepare the patent document of the invention and apply for the patent, thereby aiming to protect the invention. Patent attorneys first investigate and report whether the invention is new on behalf of the applicant company. Then, if the invention is suitable for patenting, patent atthorney prepare the patent application document of the invention. While preparing this document, patent attorney pays particular attention to protect the invention. Patent attorneys explain the patenting process in detail in order to facilitate patent acceptance by the state and protect the patent.

While preparing the patent documents, the invention is explained in detail and the gaps that may cause other companies to use the invention by violating the patent are closed. "Patent attorneys" are specialists in this field. Patent attorneys apply to the government agency after preparing their patent documents. For example, Turkish patent attorneys apply to "TURKPATENT". Patent application period can reach + 3 years after the application. Patent attorneys closely follow this process for companies and make appeals according to the bulletin published to prevent competitors from receiving similar patents.

In the patenting process, each attorney can only obtain a patent certificate in his/her country. Therefore, when a company wants to protect an invention in more than one country, firm should get help from deputies in other countries. However, this is not a problem for the inventor. Because the patent offices cooperate with the patent offices located in other countries, following the overseas work of their patents on behalf of their customers and ensuring the realization of the process. If the invention of example, a company based in Germany want to protect the borders of Turkey, deputy invention in Germany of Patent Attorney firm in cooperation with Turkey can provide protection in the territory of Turkey.

In conclusion, inventions and ideas can be protected very easily with patents. The patent provides advantages to the right holder in many areas such as preventing counterfeit products, preventing similar products and tax reduction in some countries.

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