What is patent 060606 microchip and famous Bill Gates Patent number

What is patent 060606 microchip and famous Bill Gates Patent number

There are many plot theories today such as beverages which produced by Coca-Cola contain the blood of Christian babies, reptiles rule the US government. Certain technological events are interpreted by prophecies in the Bible. There are some reasonable facts that cannot be denied such as the presence of the Bilderberg Club, the CIA's MK-Ultra project, and George Soros' funding for suspicious political activities.

Patent WO / 2020/060606 relates to officially recorded facts. It was registered on March 26, 2020. It was made by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC under the presidency of Gates and gained international status on April 22, 2020. " Cryptocurrency system using body activity data " is  the title of this patent.

The online patent application can be summarized as follows: The human body activity associated with the task provided to a user can be used in the mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server can provide a task to a user's device connected to the server. A sensor attached to the user's device or positioned within it can detect the user's body activity. Body activity data can be generated based on the attained body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system connected to the user's device can verify whether the data generated by body activity meet the conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and can issue cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified."

In other words, thanks to the crypto money, the chip that monitors the daily physical activity of the person will be placed in the body. If the conditions are met, the person receives certain bonuses that can be spent on something.

In a detailed description of the invention, it explains how to use the device with 28 concepts.

It also provides a list of countries for which the invention is intended. There are several regional organizations with all members of the United Nations, which are separately mentioned. These include the European Patent Office, the Eurasian Patent Organization and two African intellectual property protection organizations.

Although it is not new to insert microchips into the body, the Masonic Youth Child Identification Program has been used in the USA for a while and people who call themselves cyborgs exhibit various implants as a result of these practices. Microsoft gave the patent code number 060606.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates's name is constantly referred to today for his keen interest in pharmaceutical companies, vaccines and WHO financing. The global media try to highlight Bill Gates as a great philanthropist and try to protect him from attacks and criticism, but it is unlikely that they will hide an entire network of connections.

Bill Gates' company is also involved in the ID project ID2020 Alliance, a digital project that has addressed digital rights. The Alliance actively supports the Rockefeller Foundation, design studio IDEO.org, consulting firm Accenture and various vaccines. and Gavi, a company that distributes these vaccines around the world. This alliance Secretariat is located in New York.

The Vaccine Alliance covers countries mostly in Africa and Asia. In Europe, the organization operates only in Albania, Croatia, Moldova, Ukraine, the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. and all of them are listed as founding partners.

Since February 2020, Gavi has been focusing on the Vaccine Alliance coronavirus outbreak. The CEO of this organization is Dr Seth Berkley.

Theological interpretations of patent numbers are probably best left to religious experts, but it is clear that they have strong links between organizations and companies such as the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, the pharmaceutical lobby, and the World Bank Group. National governments are responsible for epidemics, diseases and famines. They are constantly trying to play the role of government, focusing on the fact that they cannot deal with it alone. However, the idea of ​​realizing China's stance on this issue is not accepted by the West and they do not want to do so because they do not want to share their power, so the globalist media will continue a campaign where the blame is placed anywhere outside the West. As new information about the coronavirus begins to emerge, he says, false stories about China's role in the epidemic are increasing and statistics are being manipulated.