Official Office and Attorney Fees for Patent and Trademark

Official Office and Attorney Fees for Patent and Trademark

One of the frequently asked questions from companies and inventors is the patent and trademark registration official fees.

What are the official fees payable patent or trademark registration made at any time for Turkey?

This question is often asked. Estimating the official fees for patents and trademarks is actually not as difficult as it seems. Where the fees will be paid is clear and if the number of classes to be applied is determined, trademark application official fees can be easily calculated.

Turkey Patent Application Fees

When the protection of an invention is requested, it is possible to have this intellectual property right by obtaining a patent or utility model of that invention. In the process of obtaining intellectual property rights, patent and trademark official fees and proxy fees are paid. In the continuation of this article, you can find information about these fees, how these fees are paid, and the amounts of these fees.

Attorney's Fee

The patent and trademark attorney fee is the fee you need to pay to the agent or firm (patent office or trademark office) you receive consultancy in case you have a patent or trademark registration. These fees are generally determined by patent and trademark consulting firms. Each company can determine the tariff specific to its services. These fees are consultancy fees. Some of the services you can get from the ProIP Patent & Trademark Consultancy firm are listed below.

Patent Consultancy Services

  • Preliminary Research
  • Description
  • Preparing an Opposition to the Examination Report
  • Preparing an Opposition to the Research Report
  • Registration Request
  • Technowatch
  • Patent Bulletin Tracking

Trademark Consultancy Services

  • Trademarkt Research
  • Trademark Registration Request
  • Trademark Appeal
  • Preparing an Opposition to the Trademark Appeal
  • Trademark Registration Request
  • Trademark Bulletin Tracking

Apart from the ones listed above, many different intellectual property consultancy services are provided. ProIP Patent and Trademark Consultancy follows all these processes on behalf of its customers and makes professional reports to its customers after making the necessary researches.

Official Patent and Trademark Office Fees

In trademark registration or patent registration, you have to pay some official fees (fees) to protect your intellectual property. Countries where you request your patent or trademark protection charge official fees at different rates. the only competent authority relating to patents and trademarks in Turkey is Türkpatent. In the continuation of this article, the 2020 trademark and patent fees table of Türkpatent are presented.

TURKPATENT Fee List for Trademark Services (only important service fees are included.)



Fee (TL)

Trademark Registration


Single Class Brand Application


Additional Class Fee









  TURKPATENT Fee List for Patent Services (only important service fees are included.)



Fee (TL)

Publication of a fascicule of a European Patent


Filing fee


2. Year Registeration


3. Year Registeration


4. Year Registeration


5. Year Registeration


6. Year Registeration


7. Year Registeration


8. Year Registeration


9. Year Registeration


10. Year Registeration


11. Year Registeration


12. Year Registeration


13. Year Registeration


14. Year Registeration


15. Year Registeration


16. Year Registeration


17. Year Registeration


18. Year Registeration


19. Year Registeration


20. Year Registeration




Foreign Patent Fees

The idea of Turkey in the above type and the required fee for intellectual property rights have been mentioned in some of these fees. What if you want to protect your patent or trademark abroad? What kind of service does the ProIP Patent Brand Consultancy company provide in this section? Does ProIP Patent translate patent? What is a patent translation? What are the patent translation fees? What is the European patent validation translation? You can find the answers to these questions later in the article.

1- ProIP Patent Trademark Consultancy Foreign Services

With more than 13 years of experience, ProIP Patent not only provides its customers with domestic patents and trademark registration but also follows the patent processes abroad for its customers in a professional manner and offers its customers fast and high-quality solutions. It translates patents for its customers and provides international connections on behalf of its customers. Pro IP Patent follows the trademark registration or patent registration processes of its customers as an agent of the customer and makes the necessary applications.

2- Protecting Patent and Trademark Applications Abroad

Protecting intellectual property rights abroad may seem complicated, but ProIP Patent does all this and follows all processes. If patents are preferred abroad, the most important factor to be considered is to decide in which countries you want to protect. Because different patents and trademark processes and fees are applied for each country.

Example about Advantages and Disadvantages of Application

Suppose you're a chocolate manufacturer in Turkey, you have decided to secure a breakthrough in your brand or production. You have determined the countries where you need to market your products or distribute your products as America and Germany. You have no plans for any country other than these two countries. In this case, the countries you should protect your brand are America and Germany. But if you want to protect your brand all over the world, you have to evaluate the material part of it. Because, as mentioned earlier in this article, there are different patent and trademark processes for each country. For this reason, you must pay the Official Patent Office fee and Patent Attorney fee for each country you want to protect. When you pay these fees for each country, you will likely receive a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, protecting the brand in regions where the commercial activity will not be shown has more disadvantages than the advantage of the company. It will be more economical and accurate for your company to decide on your commercial and plans for those countries while determining the countries where you will protect your brand.

3- What Should I do to get Registered in Foreign Countries?

If you want to make your patent or trademark registration abroad, all you need to do is to do the same process abroad, in your own country. But in this process, you need a proxy who will do these things for you. ProIP Patent Trademark Consultancy cooperates with qualified Patent Offices located in all countries you need and carries out all foreign transactions for you. It makes the technical translation of your patent and keeps you away from all these tiring processes by contacting the patent office with which it cooperates in the country where you want to protect your industrial property. ProIP Patent makes it easy for you to protect your brand and patents abroad.

4- Patent Translation and Patent Translation Fees

When patents are wanted to be protected abroad, you must apply abroad. When applying, you need to improve the process by translating the description describing your invention into the languages of the countries you want to protect. Below you can find a small piece of information describing the importance of the description.

The Importance of Patent Description

The description is the document, which is the detailed description of your patent, in which your authorized person in the state patent offices will understand your invention and decide whether it will be an invention. Also, since this document will contain all the descriptions and technical features of your patent, the specification is the most important factor in the protection of your patent. Therefore, a good description increases the sustainability of the invention and the likelihood of its application being accepted.

The importance of the description is mentioned above. We would like to point out that the description you need to prepare for your foreign applications are also important. The specifications contain a lot of technical terms as there are documents describing the inventions. For this reason, when translating the description, translating the translation by technical translators who are experts in the field of the invention will increase the quality of your translation. The good quality of the translation can make your description document better understood, which will facilitate the acceptance of your patent application abroad and will prevent your patent from being infringed by other people and companies. In order to increase the reliability of your patent, we recommend the Patent Translation service of ProIP Patent Brand Consultancy.

5- Patent Translation Fee

Translations of patents vary depending on the length of patent documents and details of patents.


Patents and trademarks are very important for companies with commercial activities. If you do not want your company identity to be violated by other real or legal persons briefly, you should protect your intellectual property rights by trademark registration and patent registration. While applying for patents and trademark registrations, some institutions and organizations must be paid. You can find information about the fees to be paid to official patent offices and private consultancy companies or patent attorneys in this article.