ProIP Patent advises clients in all legal and technical matters relating to patents. Our national and international experience enables us to advise on the strategic planning of patents and patent portfolios.


Primary focus of ProIP Patent is patent and patent prosecution.


Understanding the technical features, details and operation of each and every invention accurately is very important. ProIP Patent attorneys possess the technical understanding and expertise to comprehend invention of client and its technical features and operation thoroughly and accurately through their extensive experience and wide knowledge in different technical fields.


This technical background of ProIP Patent enables them to write effective and efficient patent descriptions and claims. ProIP patent attorneys optimally determine the aspects of the invention which need to be protected and can be patented, and ensure that their clients exactly get the best protection that they intend.



We utilize our technical understanding and all our time to get the most powerful and most value-creating patents for our clients. The entire concentration of our patent attorneys is focused on helping our clients to create and manage a more powerful IP portfolio.


With their most assertive and highly qualified engineers, ProIP Patent provides consultancy services to different clients in various industrial areas such as automotive, defence, medical, mechanical, white goods, telecommunication, software, and chemistry.


By using their international level and experience, ProIP Patent offer service mentioned below not only in Turkey but also in international and regional institutions.

  • Prosecution from filing to grant
  • Patentability/ Prior Art Search
  • Drafting
  • Patent protection for pharmaceuticals and their production methods
  • Translation
  • Watch Service
  • Oppositions/Appeals
  • EP Validations
  • PCT National Entries
  • Renewals/Annuities



Patent/Utility Model Search is a search type carried out in order to determine whether an invention has criteria required for granting a patent or utility model document.


Patent search is performed by our high qualified engineers in national and international patent databases and then the results are interpreted and reported in a detailed way. As a result of the search report, a road-map can be set for inventors concerning how they can protect their inventions.