ProIP Patent provides support and advice to clients for trademark services and assists the trademark owners to protect and manage their brands. Our specialized attorneys provide advice in all matters relating to trademarks from filing up to enforcement as well as in opposition, cancellation and infringement proceedings.


Trademark services involve prior similarity and registrability search, filing, and prosecution, oppositions, oppositions against conflicting third-party applications, objections to Turkish Patent and Trademark Office decisions, appeals, enforcement and litigation services, infringement and cancellation analysis, and renewals.



With the experience of acting to the other national, international and regional registrations offices such as WIPO and EUIPO either directly or through cooperation with the worldwide network of agents, we offer trademark services not only in Turkey but also on the international areas.


What makes us different?

  • Pre-search and prior advice on registrability
  • A fast and reliable procedure
  • Competitive and predictable costs,
  • Technology-assisted service with the specialized IP programme
  • Efficient portfolio management