IP Translation

IP Translation


ProIP Patent team believe that the most important aspect of protecting the international patent applications and validations is an accurate translation.


ProIP Patent translation team provide accurate and excellent translation services from all languages into Turkish relating with all intellectual property matters.


ProIP Patent translation team usually provide service for patent applications, European patent validations, PCT national phase applications, search and examination reports, technical documents related to patent litigation, trademarks, designs, and copyright documents.



Especially in the case of patent protection, translation discrepancy can be result in irreversible consequence for the whole patent protection. Translation consistency is so significant since if the patent text translated is not exactly same as the original text, it does not protect the invention and becomes an utterly meaningless text.


In view of the mentioned importance, ProIP Patent translators provide outstanding translation services to their clients. It has a crucial importance for ProIP Patent that;

  • Translators are carefully selected and monitored, with the feedback of proofreaders.
  • Patents are translated by technically qualified translators for specific technical fields.
  • An expert patent attorney provides second check to the translations, ensuring that it is faithful to the original text.