Technical Patent Translation

Technical Patent Translation


Patent translation is one of the most difficult translation for an ordinary translator since it involves very specific legal and technical terms that need to be understood correctly and translated into the target language with an identical meaning.


Especially in the patent claims, poor translation could change the scope of the claims;therefore, it might be impossible to protect the invention in designated country.


A high-quality patent translation can solely be translated by a translator who has a profound legal and technical knowledge in the specific patent matter to be translated.



With their profound experience in various technical patent translations, ProIP Patent translators are able to translate patent texts for EP validations, PCT national phase entries, direct national filings, prior art searches, office actions as well as for patent litigations. With their 5 to 10 years' of patent translation experience, they are subject matter experts in a broad range of technical fields.


Thanks to their long-term experience, they are able to provide high-quality translation services from English, German, and French to Turkish for patent applications, EP validations, patent litigations and, prosecutions.  They can also easily handle editing of drawings and figures.


ProIP Patent translators have a profound experience in such technical fields;

Mechanical Engineering - Machinery, Vehicles, Medical Devices and Manufacturing.

Physics - Optics, Acoustics, and Sensors.

Electrical Engineering - Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Science, and IT.

Chemistry - Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Enzymes, Cells and Organisms.